Sales Promotion Examples

Sales Promotion Examples

The team at Plná Peněženka is responsible for graphics, promotion, and ensuring sufficient visibility. For an idea, you can see examples of promotion from previous events below. The extent of your e-shop's promotion will depend on the possibilities of the specific campaign and the form of cooperation, details of which we will clarify in mutual communication.

the main hero banner on the homepage:



the smaller hero banner 


Newsletter with the main space dedicated to the selected e-shop 

Banner featuring the e-shop's promotion in our regularnewsletter:


Presentation of the e-shop promotion on our Facebook page: 


Presentation of the e-shop promotion on our Instagram:


Presentation of the e-shop promotion in the overview of events on the thematic landing page:

Banner featuring the e-shop promotion as Deal of the Day on our campaign page:

Notification informing about e-shop promotion in Lištička (Chrome browser extension)

Examples of main categories - Online Marketplaces, Fashion, Travel, Electronics, Cosmetics and perfumes, Sports, hobbies and entertainment, Health and food.

Examples of subcategories - Pharmacies (= subcategory of Health and Food), Flights, Shoes, smartphones etc.